Diane Epling

Will You Just Love?

Diane Epling


Sometimes we are so busy judging others, we forget to follow the commands of Jesus and simply show love. I don’t mean we have to love the things others do wrong, but it was never Jesus’ intent for us to shun them, either. While it’s easy to love the loveable, what about those who have done things we cannot approve of as Christians? Do you find it hard to love those people? When you look at them, do questioning thoughts about their faith come to mind?

If you have been following me for a while, you know how often God speaks to me in my dreams. I recently had a dream of standing in a room with several people. As I scanned the room and looked at everyone, the following questions were asked of them all. “What have you done?” “Well, what about this?” And, “What about when you did that?” I never saw the enemy, just heard his judging tone. Next, I saw the back of a man with dark shoulder-length hair. Even though I never once saw this man’s face, I knew in my heart that it was Jesus. Suddenly, the entire feeling of the room changed. As Jesus moved around, looking directly at each person, He asked: “Will you just love?” I immediately woke up, smiling and saying, “Yes, I will.” 

I knew the dream was meant to be shared with you. Jesus asked this question of us all. Satan is the accuser, day and night, putting our wrongdoings before God in an attempt to defeat and destroy us. Hatred and judgment were not the purposes of Jesus as He asked: “Will you just love?” I didn’t know anyone in the room, but I felt the heart and compassion of Jesus when He asked this question. The beautiful thing about this dream is that I never saw His face, not one time. It was as if I knew His facial expressions. One of intensity. One of study. Most of all, one of love. He knew every person inside and out. There was no doubt in Him about their identity. Their mistakes did not define them. Jesus saw them through the eyes of love. 

Why do we have such a hard time seeing people the way Jesus sees them? We often come along with judgmental eyes, seeing only past mistakes and failures of those around us. I don’t think we realize it until God gives us a revelation, like the one in my dream. We don’t want to be like Satan—always looking with accusing eyes. The Bible says in Matthew 7:5 that we had better take the plank out of our own eye first before we can see clearly to remove the speck from our brother’s eye.  Ouch!  What an eye-opener! No pun intended. The next time you see someone you think is doing wrong, remember this dream God wanted me to share with you. Look at that person through the eyes of Jesus. His eyes are full of love. “Will you just love?” Remember, God sees us as He created us to be. He sees us as one made in the image of God. Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers a multitude of sins. -1 Peter 4:8

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