Diane Epling

Waiting for God’s Answer

Diane Epling


Excerpt from the Book “The Dark Side of Christianity” by Diane Epling

I remember a time when I believed God heard my prayers, but He just kept telling me to wait. Like Daniel, I didn’t understand the reasoning for such a delay, and I wondered why God was making me wait so long for His answer. Finally, after months of waiting, I was beginning to believe God’s answer was no and that I just didn’t want to hear it. My situation was so stressful. I was living with my parents and trying to be patient. I finally said to the Lord, “I’m tired of waiting, Lord. I don’t understand.” 

Before I called it quits, someone came to me and said, “Hey, I have this house that I’ve been renting out for five years. I didn’t know if you realized we have this place, but it’s coming open in a month. You’re more than welcome to take a look at it.”

Well, as soon as I pulled into the driveway, I knew that was the house for me. When I walked into the house, I felt total peace. When I woke that morning, the Lord said, “There is a change coming,” so I focused on His words and clung to His promise.

My life changed in the snap of a finger. As soon as I entered the home, God’s peace that I had been praying for blanketed me—covered me. God knew the perfect time to answer my prayers. You see, this particular home had been rented out for the past five years by the same renter. If my prayers had been answered quickly, I would never have received the gift of that house. It was the perfect house for my son and me. With an apple and a pear tree in the backyard, I was thrilled at the prospect of being able to can and make apple butter. God didn’t want me to settle for just any old house. He had given me the home of my dreams. From that time forward, when I hear God telling me to wait, I know it’s because He has something quite special planned. If I rush things, if I seek out my own answers, I miss out on God’s perfect, ideal situation. 

The enemy knows that waiting has never been my strong suit, and it is in these times that he fills my head with doubts and lies. The dark times I experience now don’t last as long or cut as deep as they once did. I know how to claim my authority over the enemy when he tries to keep me in the darkness.

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