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Time With God - Book Excerpt

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Today we continue our journey through the gospel of Mark. 

A gospel that is considered by most scripture scholars to be the first one written. 

The principal source for the gospel of Mark, where he got his information, is thought to be Peter, estimated to be written about 20 years after the Christ event. 

Mark, very much like the gospel of John begins his gospel emphatically stating who Jesus was and of course it continues to be, as he wrote “the beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the son of God.” 

So, he begins with the conclusion which you would think he might want to work up to, maybe build a case for it. 

But no, he just goes for it. 

Beginning with the conclusion, “Jesus Christ is the son of God”, period, deal with it. 

Now, if you're with us last week we were talking about how Jesus had returned to his hometown and how it had not gone well. 

In fact, he was rejected outright. 

Isn't He the carpenter, the son of Mary? 

Consequently, Jesus walked away from that stony ground and was not able to perform many miracles. 

And he was amazed at their lack of faith.

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