Diane Epling

With God’s Love Comes Peace

It wasn’t the presence of fear, anxiety, or dissatisfaction in my life that brought me to the limit of my endurance. It was the absence of God’s peace. What I needed was God’s love to make me feel complete, but I didn’t know how to find it. I couldn’t even identify the cause of my stress most of the time. All I knew was that there was little calmness in my life. It was like I was out of harmony with myself—not comfortable in my own skin.

I sought answers in all the wrong places. Why was it everybody seemed happier than me? Why was it that people at my church heard the voice of God while all I could hear was my own confused self-talk? I didn’t know that God had been speaking to me for quite some time. I couldn’t hear His voice over my own inner chatter that kept telling me to try to fix things. Some call the voice of reason or intuition, but, thankfully, God showed me the truth.

- Diane

The title “Time with God” says it all! Throughout her book, Epling’s readers are given the opportunity to spend time with God as He reveals His Scriptural truths and unfailing love. Diane’s willingness to be vulnerable in her writing shows us how to become intimate with God. You can’t help but be captivated by the sharing of her personal story that takes us from a broken spirit to her complete restoration to God.

Darryl Eugene Strawberry

Author, Evangelist, Founder of Strawberry Ministries, and former professional baseball right fielder with four World Series Titles:
New York Mets
’86, New York Yankees ’96, ’98, ’99.

Epling’s story of how God led her to get alone with Him and surrender her heart was both touching and inspiring. Diane’s personal journey walks us through the darkest days of her life only to come out the other side prepared to embrace all God’s promises. “Time with God” is truly inspired, allowing each of us to cling to the love and blessings God has in store for us all.

John Luppo

Christian Speaker and Founder of Luppo Ministries

We can all relate to Diane’s experiences as she shares with us her awakening to God’s love and grace. Just as I did, Diane cried out to God, the Father, and Creator of life. We both asked God for help, and He showed us what was in us that does not belong. In her book, Diane emphasizes how God will do the same for you. He will strengthen you to turn away from the externals and turn completely back to Him. God will meet you where you are in your dysfunction and surround you in His love that is so deep and profound that it cleanses and removes all the rejection, hurt, and unworthiness.

Antoinette “Toni” Miles

Founder and CEO of Transforming Greatness LLC