Diane Epling

Prophetic Word Through a Dream included in her book “The Dark Side of Christianity” by Diane Epling Given in January 2021

Diane Epling


Prophetic Dream: “The Church Has Become Complacent”

This dream took place in January 2021. I was in a sanctuary/auditorium. A worship team was on the platform. I could hear the music being played and thought to myself, I need to go up there and sing with them. I knew I had done this in the past when I attended services at this church. A girl walked up to me and said, “They are singing songs from two popular worship groups.” She mentioned the names of the groups, but I’ll keep those names to myself. 

She was extremely excited about this worship team singing songs that she liked. A sadness came over me when I heard what she said. I could not understand why they weren’t singing their own songs. I knew I couldn’t join them, and I said to myself, No. I can’t go up there. I have to sing what God has told me to sing, so I turned and walked out of the sanctuary. 

I now face three doors, all of which were doors to bathrooms. I saw the worship leader enter the third bathroom door, so I entered the second one. When I entered, the bathroom was dirty. Feces and blood smeared everywhere! 

I came back out and walked over to a counter. A lady behind the counter pushed items on top of the counter toward me and said, “Take these to (I don’t recall the name of the person in the dream). I replied, “I will, but I need to use the bathroom first.” I go into the third bathroom that the worship leader had previously entered. When I stepped inside, it wasn’t a bathroom at all. It was like a phone booth encased in glass. I could see everything outside. 

It was winter, and people were walking around. To my left, I see a storm coming. In front of me, power lines began to fall, with one landing on the door’s handle. I suddenly felt stuffy and hot in this booth. I knew if I didn’t get out, I wouldn’t be able to breathe. So, I began to take off layers of clothing. Everything was happening so fast! 

Then to my surprise, my brother and a friend of his came to the door. My brother reaches out his hand, lays it on the door’s handle, and opens it to let me out. There was no power from the fallen power lines. I was amazed and felt that I should keep on going. I thanked them and returned to the counter to pick up the items and deliver them to the lady. When I arrived, the things were gone. Someone had already picked them up. I left the counter and continued to walk on. -End of Dream

God’s Revelation

God was showing me the condition of the church. What looked and sounded good on the platform didn’t come from a place of originality which is the heart of God. The song He’s placed inside us is the song He wants to be heard. Psalm 96:1-Sing a new song to the Lord! Let the whole earth sing to the Lord!

The church has become man’s church. It’s no longer a place one can go to for cleansing. A storm was coming to take down man’s power in the church. Pride on the platform would be no more! His leaders needed to cleanse themselves and get rid of anything ungodly. He was giving them a chance for consecration. (Joshua 3:5 NIV) Then Joshua said to the people, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you.” They have a calling and purpose that is specific to them. Those who consecrate themselves would continue and be a part of His church.

I know these dreams showed me that the church body had become complacent.

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