Diane Epling

Prophetic Word Through a Dream included in her book “The Dark Side of Christianity” by Diane Epling Given in 2022

Diane Epling


Prophetic Dream: “God’s Already Given Us Everything We Need”

Let me tell you about a dream I once had about one of our country’s most incredible evangelists: Billy Graham. In my dream, God called me to preach in the place of Billy Graham at one of his gatherings. He had gone on to be with the Lord. When I walked out on the platform and saw all the people looking to me for God’s message, I thought to myself, What am I going to preach about, Lord? I don’t have anything prepared. I have no notes and no message ready. I knew God wanted me to speak in place of Billy Graham, but I felt unprepared to do so. 

About that time, here comes Billy Graham to the podium to speak. I looked aside at the lady who had asked me to speak and said, “I’m supposed to be preaching.” 

She smiled at me and responded, “I know. Billy knew he needed to go, but he wasn’t ready to give up preaching yet.”

“Okay, so what do you want me to do?”

“When he gets finished, I want you to speak at the end.”

“Okay.” So, I began to pray, asking God what He wanted me to speak about after Billy completed his message. 

God said, “Speak about the light, Diane.”

I then turned to the back of my Bible and saw the word “light.” Suddenly, I knew what God had revealed to me. “Oh, I can do this, God.” Right there in His Word were so many scriptures on His light. “It’s Your Word, right?” God showed me in my dream that this was what He wanted me to do. I was supposed to help others move from their darkness into His light. I believed in His promise, which was that He had already given me everything I needed to answer His calling.

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