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Prophetic Word from God to John Kilpatrick given November 2023

Diane Epling


John Kilpatrick has been a Pastor since 1970 and Founder of John Kilpatrick Ministries. He is a pastor for Brownsville Revival, traveling around the country with a ministry that has been referred to as “Awake America.” 

The Earth is Speaking—How the Earth Reacts when Sin Defiles the Land! Are You Listening?

John shares with his congregation that rarely has he been given a word with such intensity. Only three times, in fact, does he remember being instructed by God to deliver such an urgent word from the pulpit. In 2001, John was given a word that he didn’t know he was going to share with the congregation until he rose from his chair to stand behind the pulpit. He thought this would be like one of his regular Sunday sermons, but the Holy Spirit had different plans for him that day. As he stood before the congregation, these words came out of his mouth: “By Tuesday, you will see something on your television that will shock you, and you will say “Oh my God.” God gave John this word for him to warn his church, but he really didn’t know what it would be that would be so shocking. As it turned out, it was one of our nation’s most tragic events. It was 9/11.

The next urgent word John received from God was on 12/19/2019. It was before Covid-19. Everything seemed normal until John was instructed to give this word of warning. “Things are about to change. Darkness is going to turn into gross darkness. You’re going to see things that you’ve never seen before. Covid struck in 2020 with such devastation it was as if our world would never be the same again. 

This next warning was John’s third such urgent word from God. It was given to John in November 2023. God said, “I’m coming to you about ‘The Earth Is Speaking. Are You Listening?’ I am dealing with four major sins that will cause the earth to convulse. In the Bible, you’ll see that man and land are indelibly connected. The land will manifest what’s going on with man. When God put Adam in the Garden, He put him there to tend to land, and everything was together, and it was a beautiful thing—but when man sinned, the land began to rebel against man, and…” (more) “The Earth is Speaking—How the Earth Reacts When Sin Defiles the Land!” YouTube.com.

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