Diane Epling

Prophetic Word from God to Diane Epling Given in 2023

Diane Epling


Prophetic Word Included in Diane’s latest book “The Voice of the Church.”

God Wants His Church to WAKE UP!

I was in a large Church with several floors, much like a shopping mall would appear. As I stood in the center of the Church, looking at all the displayed merchandise of many well-known ministries, I began floating up toward the towering floors above me. The higher I floated, the darker it became, but nobody noticed me. On each floor, everyone was simply going about their business.

There was a room on the top floor where people sat and talked. I knew it was a Church service and couldn’t understand why people were being so disrespectful, talking amongst themselves instead of preparing their spirits to receive God’s message. Drowning out the conversations of the people around me was this awful noise that I knew was coming from a demonic spirit in the attic. I looked around, thinking it strange that everybody else was oblivious to the horrible shrieking of this persistent spirit. Looking around, I noticed the people attending the service were all in their 60s and 70s. As the service began, I heard this lady begin to mimic the Pastor, attempting to make the sermon sound better. In anger, I turned to the lady, asking, “What are you doing? This is wrong.”

She replied, “Oh, Diane. I have become part of the Church. This is the way it is now.”

My anger continued as I said, “You’re not even yourself right now. Who are you? Why are you doing this?” Then I stood up and started speaking Scripture to them. There were three women seated behind me, and again, I heard one of them using that same mimicking voice. This time, it was directed at me instead of the Pastor. She kept interrupting me, acting as if I was the problem instead of her troubling attitude and horrible insistence on talking over me as I spoke God’s Word. With everything in me, I looked at her and shouted, “Shut up!” 

Several of the ladies were now staring at me in amazement as if agreeing with the attitude of the one who mimicked the Pastor and patronized me. Another lady with red hair also stood out as one who considered me a real nuisance. I glared at the other ladies who seemed to go along with everything being said by those disrupting the service. “You all have to wake up,” I shouted.  “WAKE UP!”

Nobody understood the gravity of the situation. The ugly attitudes and behaviors of the ladies never changed. They continued talking simultaneously, unaware they had allowed a demonic spirit in the church. It was as if they were enjoying my distress. I grabbed the red-haired one by the head and said, “I just want to pull your hair out right now.” At the end of the dream, I yelled, “WAKE UP,” so loudly that I woke myself up and scared my poor little dog half to death. 

God’s message was as loud as my shouting. In the dream, hair represents attitude. So, God was showing me the attitude of the Church. He revealed that demonic spirits were hiding in the mega-type Churches, which is what the mall-sized building represented, and that these spirits were infecting the body of Christ. People in the Church are being deceived. Not only are they unaware that these spirits exist, but they are asleep to the tricks of the enemy. 

This was not the first time God had spoken to me about the Church’s need to wake up to the enemy’s wiles, only this time, His voice was angry. God is angry, and He’s trying to wake up His bride. He’s tired of the “let it be” attitude, and He is exposing everything that many Churches have become—filled with lies, deceit, dishonor, and compromise. Not only is God telling us to wake up, but He’s telling the enemy to shut up! God’s saying to the enemy, “Your voice will stop. You’re going to hear MY Voice now.” 

As I floated from one level of the church to another in my dream, God wanted me to know that he was taking me to another level in my ministry. God has plans to expose what is hiding in the Church. Last week, He showed me a Scripture in Judges Chapter 2, reminding me of the instructions to His people. It says, “I will not break covenant with you, but you are not to make covenant with them. You are to tear down their altars.” They didn’t do that, and we lost an entire generation because they were disobedient. God became very angry with the people, just like He is doing with us today. His anger isn’t to punish us but to protect us from the enemy’s clutches.

The night before I got this word, I heard this terrible sound, much like what it must have sounded like when the Titanic scraped against that iceberg. The shrill sound of metal against metal made my heart sink like that on the sinking ship. “God, what is this?” I asked. 

God answered with one word: “Distress.” 

“What do you mean?”

“The earth is in distress.”

I then understood why He had led me to turn to Judges Chapter 2. God’s Word says that the Israelites were in great distress. They knew they had disobeyed God’s instruction, and He was angry with them. Did God punish them? Some might think so! However, God merely allowed the Israelites to suffer the consequences of their disobedience. Whatever he had intended for the enemy, the Israelites brought those things down on themselves. God’s people had refused to obey His command and intermingled with those who served other gods. They had committed idolatry, so now they were to experience the consequences of their disobedience.

I share this because the giants we face today are those the Israelites failed to battle in Judges. Baal is the possessor of the land, and he drives out anyone and anything that is of God. Not only is Baal at work to destroy us, but his wife, Ashtaroth, the enchantress, has turned what was once a Christian nation into a pagan one through sexuality. This is precisely the sad state of affairs we find in our country today. All that has happened in our nation is not only because the Voice of the Church remained silent. It happened because we showed acceptance as the Israelites did all those years ago. We came into covenant with the enemy.

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