Diane Epling

Prophetic Word from God to Charlie Shamp given 12/31/2023

Diane Epling


harlie Shamp is the Co-founder and President of Destiny Encounters International. He has been given many prophetic words from God that have allowed him to warn God’s people of natural disasters, terrorist activities, and corruption in the world’s political arenas. 

A Word for America 2024

“I am doing a deep work in the hearts of the people of America. I am shaking the foundations and exposing the hidden sins and injustices. This process may be painful and uncomfortable, but it is necessary for true change to occur.”

“As the darkness intensifies, do not lose heart. Hold on to your faith and trust in My plans for America. I am raising up a remnant who will shine brightly in the midst of the darkness. They will carry my light and truth, bringing hope and healing to a nation in need.” (more

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