Diane Epling

The Voice of the Church


God prompted Diane to write “The Voice of the Church” with an urgent message to His elite Warriors of Fire. There is a war going on in the spiritual realm, and it is up to us, His Church, to wake up and speak God’s Word into every aspect of our society. Throughout the book, Diane teaches her readers how to fight through their fears and claim their Promised Land with all of God’s authority and power. The time is now for the Church to wake up and speak God’s truth. Throughout the pages of her book, Diane teaches readers how to confidently arm themselves with God’s spiritual weapons and move forward in His strength to claim victory over the enemy.

Within the pages of “The Voice of the Church,” readers will recognize that it’s no coincidence our nation’s families, churches, schools, arts & entertainment, political arenas, businesses, and media are collapsing. We have failed to follow God’s instruction and take out the enemy in this spiritual war, and we are suffering the consequences of our disobedience. Many Christians today are burdened with chronic illnesses, fears, insecurities, self-doubt, and a lack of faith. God has commissioned Diane to illustrate through the visions, dreams, and revelations she shares in her book how the Lamb of God will return in these end times as the roaring Lion of Judah.


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