Diane Epling

The Dark Side of Christianity


If you are in bondage to chronic anxiety, depression, pain, and sickness, Diane’s book enables you to find God’s light in that darkness and begin a life of confidence and freedom. “The Dark Side of Christianity” shows believers how to navigate the darkness, claim their authority over the enemy, and find their true identity in God. Diane shares God’s revelations through her personal stories and prophetic dreams, introducing readers to practical strategies that will help them to break free of their negative self-talk and self-judgment to live a powerful, spirit-filled life.

After reading “The Dark Side of Christianity,” Diane is confident your search for the light will be met with a renewed strength and overwhelming resolve to see yourself through God’s eyes and live the life He originally intended for you. “The Dark Side of Christianity” is an encouraging read, allowing readers to enjoy all the benefits of an intimate relationship with God.

Available on Amazon for Ebook


Available on Amazon for Ebook


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