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Diane Epling


Excerpt from the Book “The Dark Side of Christianity” by Diane Epling

Breakthrough! Breakthrough!

Sometimes God protects you with His covering when you don’t even recognize that danger is near. I recall one time when Tim and I were in such disagreement over something that I decided I would fast and pray until the stronghold was broken. It wasn’t the ideal time to fast because we were traveling a few hours from home, but I was determined. We would never have this yoke of bondage over us again. After we arrived at the hotel, Tim decided to go out and pick up a few things we needed for our stay. 

While he was gone, I started walking back and forth across the floor of my room, praying and talking to God. “We can’t continue like this, Lord. This has to be removed from us.” I kept saying, “Break through! Break through—claiming a breakthrough over us. As I was praying and talking to God, the telephone in my hotel room rang. I thought, How odd! Why am I receiving a call this late in the evening from the hotel? 


“Hi, this is so and so from the front desk. You called about all the feathers in your room.”

“Feathers?” I replied. “No, I didn’t call you ma’am. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Is this not room #1?”

“Yes Ma’am, it is, but I didn’t call you. We don’t have any feathers in the room.” As I hung up the phone, stunned, I thought, This is crazy. Not only was the ringing of the telephone odd, but the reference to feathers was even stranger. So, I went back to walking and talking with God. Suddenly, I came to a complete halt! Wait a minute. That’s it! The feather! I remembered a time when someone gave me a feather. God took me back to that moment as if I were standing there. I could see the feather so vividly. That feather sparked a memory about Karen Wheaton.

I rushed to the bed and picked up my phone to type in Karen’s book title, “Watching the Road.” In Karen’s book, she talks about her daughter Lindsay leaving the ministry, leaving her husband, and their home in Hamilton, Alabama. As Karen journeyed with God, she wrote about one time when it seemed complicated. She just didn’t know what to do. During this time, she found a little feather, and God gently reminded Karen that just as hard as this might seem to her, it was as easy as a feather to Him.

Therein was my answer. This stronghold wasn’t hard for God. It was as easy and light a matter as a feather. I felt so free at that moment. What seemed like an insurmountable mountain was utterly gone. What began that night in my room with that odd phone call turned out to be the very thing that set me free. Who would have thought I would find the answer in a simple feather? When Tim returned to the room, I was a different person. He had even brought back some snacks, which I could now enjoy eating. God had completely covered us with His beautiful feathers, just as the front desk clerk insisted in her phone call. I’m so grateful for that call. Thinking back on it now, I know it was a divine call from heaven. Under the covering of God’s feathers, I found my refuge. God’s faithfulness was indeed my shield and comfort, my protective barrier.

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