Diane Epling

God’s Strategies Involve Yesterday’s Experiences—Today’s Preparations—Tomorrow’s Applications

Diane Epling


Our God is such an excellent strategist. He provides us with all the tools and resources necessary to apply the wisdom and knowledge gained from past experiences and create the perfect strategy for future success. If we partner with God and live in obedience to His will, God pours forth His blessings. Proverbs 16:3 says Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans. Although this Scripture isn’t difficult to understand, the challenge comes in its application. So, let’s break it down and discover its deeper meaning, shall we?

It’s interesting how often we are willing to compromise our commitment to God while, at the same time, expecting Him to be “all in” to ensure the futures WE have planned for ourselves without God’s input. We are more than willing to remind God of His pledges and promises to us while minimizing the impact of our disobedience. Time to change our perspective. It’s not about God following our plans. After all, He has the best and most perfect plan for our lives. 

God wants us to surrender everything to Him—good or bad. For God to establish our plans, we must do more than give Him our thoughts, intentions, and actions. About right now, you’re probably asking, “But Diane, what more do I have to give but my thoughts, intentions, and actions?” This whole commitment thing is more a matter of perspective. Let me ask you, Who gets the glory if you look at your commitment to God as a gift? Not God! The glory is yours. You have become the giver. To give God all the glory, we must look to Him as the One whose gift WE receive. We are only the vessels used for God to work His plan. See what I mean? To commit ourselves to God means it is He who places the thoughts in our minds, the feelings and desires in our hearts, and establishes His purpose for our lives. 

God knows our past struggles and can guarantee that those struggles were not in vain. If we truly commit our lives to God, He takes the wisdom and knowledge gained, equips us with powerful tools and resources, and provides a remarkable strategy that promises success. To illustrate His willingness to create unimaginable success for us, even in the face of our mistakes, we must look no further than Joshua. When God’s people chose to disobey Him as they battled for the Promised Land, they found themselves running in fear from their enemies. When they committed themselves to obeying God’s commands, God gave His warriors a new success strategy and led the Israelites to an overwhelming victory. They committed themselves to the Lord, and He established their plan.

I challenge you to change your perspective. Exchange your plan for God’s plan. Ask God to take control of your thoughts, intentions, and actions, and then allow Him to establish a glorious plan and purpose for your life. That’s the best commitment of all!

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