Diane Epling

Signs: “God Is Getting Us Ready for Something BIG!”

In Joshua 3:5, we are instructed to Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do great things among you. I began to examine what God meant by the word “consecrate.” God showed me that a time of consecration happens when you truly set yourself aside and dedicate yourself to God. As we consecrate ourselves to […]

Signs: “God’s Story of Redemption is Written in the Sky”

Excerpt from “The Voice of the Church” by Diane Epling In the Book of Job, the Hebrew meaning of Mazzaroth is revealed to us: Mazzaroth refers to the constellations. God gave us a powerful navigational tool in the constellations and an incredible message that would last until the end of time. When looking up, we […]

Waiting for God’s Answer

Excerpt from the Book “The Dark Side of Christianity” by Diane Epling I remember a time when I believed God heard my prayers, but He just kept telling me to wait. Like Daniel, I didn’t understand the reasoning for such a delay, and I wondered why God was making me wait so long for His […]

God’s Wonders

Excerpt from the Book “The Dark Side of Christianity” by Diane Epling Breakthrough! Breakthrough! Sometimes God protects you with His covering when you don’t even recognize that danger is near. I recall one time when Tim and I were in such disagreement over something that I decided I would fast and pray until the stronghold […]