Diane Epling

Prophetic Word for America from God to Diane Epling Given ON 12/26/2023

WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! The Cup of Iniquity Is Full. Repent! If this is not dealt with, the Cup of My Wrath Will Be Poured Out. When I first received this word from God, I thought it was regarding someone very close to me for whom I had been praying. God reminded me what He said […]

Prophetic Word from God to Lana Vawser Given 1/5/2024

Lana Vawser is a prophet of today and the Founder of Lana Vawser Ministries.  An Unprecedented, Accelerated, Demonstration and Manifestation of the Lord’s Justice Lana heard the Lord say, “There is an unprecedented demonstration and manifestation of My justice upon the Church in this new era.” In this word, Lana tells of God’s decree: “I […]

Prophetic Word from God to Charlie Shamp given 12/31/2023

harlie Shamp is the Co-founder and President of Destiny Encounters International. He has been given many prophetic words from God that have allowed him to warn God’s people of natural disasters, terrorist activities, and corruption in the world’s political arenas.  A Word for America 2024 “I am doing a deep work in the hearts of […]

Prophetic Word from God to John Kilpatrick given November 2023

John Kilpatrick has been a Pastor since 1970 and Founder of John Kilpatrick Ministries. He is a pastor for Brownsville Revival, traveling around the country with a ministry that has been referred to as “Awake America.”  The Earth is Speaking—How the Earth Reacts when Sin Defiles the Land! Are You Listening? John shares with his […]

Prophetic Word from God to Diane Epling Given in 2023

Prophetic Word Included in Diane’s latest book “The Voice of the Church.” God Wants His Church to WAKE UP! I was in a large Church with several floors, much like a shopping mall would appear. As I stood in the center of the Church, looking at all the displayed merchandise of many well-known ministries, I […]