Whatever You Feed Becomes Stronger

Sounds like a simple concept, doesn’t it? Of course, whatever you feed will become stronger! So, what’s the point of stating the obvious? Well, the obvious is often overlooked and undervalued, so I thought it was important to remind ourselves to carefully consider what we feed. Think of all the things we feed and give […]

Always Time for Kindness

Showing kindness and going the extra mile to help someone just doesn’t seem to be high on many people’s “must do” list. Sure, we could excuse our bad behavior by saying we’re just too busy, but the truth is we should never be too busy to show kindness to another. (Matthew 7:12 NIV) says So […]

Guilt Is Not Payment for Sin

Guilt is a human response to something we’ve done or not done that we feel went against our beliefs. We are built to feel guilt, but how we deal with the guilt is what either draws us to or drives us away from God. Guilt is a complex emotion that holds many believers in bondage. […]

I Chose Love Over Fear

I stayed in a troubled marriage for fifteen years because I was held in bondage by fear. I don’t think I even realized at the time that I was putting everything before God, only giving Him a small piece of my heart. I dreamed of a better life, allowing that dream to consume my thoughts. […]

The Isolation of Social Media

With all the devices and social media sites we have today to help us stay connected, why do so many of us still feel isolated and alone? I have a theory about that! We live in a world where many who post on those sites are quick to report the negative and exploit others’ sorrow […]

God Is Limitless

If you quickly glanced at the title of this blog, I encourage you to take another look. Now, read those three words slowly, this time with more thought and purpose. GOD IS LIMITLESS! No, really, GOD IS LIMITLESS! I’m not sure we can grasp the true scope of God’s love, wisdom, power, grace, and mercy. […]