Diane Epling

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About Relationships and Restoration

A predominant struggle believers face today is the question of how divorce and remarriage affects one’s walk with God. Because these topics are sensitive and controversial, many churches have chosen to avoid the much-needed in-depth sermons or biblical studies on these subjects. 

However, forgiveness, love, and God’s restoration heals the broken. Instead of punishing yourself and letting sin separate you from God, Diane encourages believers to find their “God” chair and go deep with the Lord. Through God’s Word, Diane gives practical examples of how to live by faith beyond the cross—how to be still and listen to God’s advice.   

Diane candidly shares the underlying turmoil and dissatisfaction in her life as she reveals her innermost thoughts and secrets. Between the pages of “Time with God,” readers are intimately aware of her shortcomings and the difficult process of her restoration. Along the way, Diane writes about the promises God made her and the creative ways He fulfilled those promises. Her story is that rare combination of heartbreak and happiness, sometimes sad yet often humorous. The one constant is Diane’s love of God and her willingness to ask the hard questions and seek God’s answers.