Diane Epling

Feeling the Awesomeness of God

Do you get up in the morning and still feel the incredible awesomeness of God? I ask this question because many of us let our personal struggles, feelings, and emotions dictate how we see God. When we are filled with anxiety or overcome with worry, we see God as one who has failed us. We […]

Created in God’s Image and Connected To All His Creation

So much energy in today’s society is spent pointing out our differences, but the way I see it, we are more than our differences. We have all been created in God’s image, which makes us much more alike than different. Being created in God’s image goes beyond appearance; it also encompasses behaviors, feelings, and emotions. […]

Before Giving into Sin

Have you ever considered what comes before sin? I’m sure most of you think the answer to that question is easy. Before sin comes temptation. Yes, temptation does come before sin. Unfortunately, by the time most of us are feeling that temptation, we are so far into the thought or act of sinning that it […]

Good or Bad—We All Have A Future

When everything goes our way, we feel so close to God, so joyful and encouraged. During these times, it’s easy to believe that there’s a bright future ahead. Through our praise and thanksgiving, God nurtures that belief into the beautiful future He has planned for us. He allows us to envision a new beginning that […]

Why do we experience failure when we are just at the point of success?

Doesn’t this seem like the way of things? Just when we are about to experience success, something happens. Some people actually set themselves up for failure by speaking words of failure so frequently that they start to believe failure is just around the corner. I have an acquaintance who responds the same way whenever I […]

The Enemy Is Not Entitled to Our Inheritance

We have been conditioned as a society to accept those who feel entitled. In fact, it can be the subject of humor in some circles as people laughingly joke about how the Millennials are such an entitled generation. Let’s take a moment to look at entitlement a bit differently, though. Have we become so accepting […]

I Just Need to Rest

Have you ever felt that you just needed to rest? If you’re like me, then I know what that answer is. Yes! In the month of December, I knew I needed to rest. I didn’t know what the New Year would hold or what God would have for me in the month of January, but […]

Prayer is the Key to Compromise

Most things in life require us to make compromises. As we mature, we realize that we must make compromises in our relationships, business negotiations, and even election results. However, have you ever stopped to consider how dangerous it is to be so conditioned to make compromises in our lives? If compromising is so common, what […]

Will You Just Love?

Sometimes we are so busy judging others, we forget to follow the commands of Jesus and simply show love. I don’t mean we have to love the things others do wrong, but it was never Jesus’ intent for us to shun them, either. While it’s easy to love the loveable, what about those who have […]