Diane Epling

Are Our Churches Relevant?

Diane Epling


God identifies Himself in the Bible as the “GREAT I AM,” which means He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. His message of truth never changes, so why do many of today’s churches seem irrelevant? Although the message is the same, our methods of sharing God’s message have drastically changed. Many of the changes happening in today’s churches have polarized believers, creating obstacles that divide us from one another and create distance between God and His people.   

Why are more and more people leaving the church, mistakenly seeking spiritual guidance in ways that will never bring God’s true fulfillment? In many circles, it’s just not “cool” to be a Christian. We are constantly bombarded with programs that present ideas and beliefs that do not align with God’s Word. Sadly, we, as Christians, have fallen silent. Instead of rising up and speaking the truth in our churches, many Pastors have taken the path of least resistance. They present sermons that placate parishioners instead of allowing the Holy Spirit to move through the body to demonstrate God’s mighty power. Their concern has been to increase church attendance when, in reality, it’s God who will build His church. It’s God who will deliver the message that needs to be heard. 

We need to get our eyes off man, put our expectations in line with God, and surrender ourselves to His will. There could be nothing more relevant than a church leader listening to God’s voice and preaching His intended message with no worries about how the body might receive it. That’s faith! That’s trusting God to lead His people! Our leaders need to present the true character of God—from both the Old and New Testaments. Is our God a loving God? Of course, but He is also a warrior. In Matthew 10:34 NIV, we see the other side of the Lord’s character. “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.” 

Although He loves us and wants the chaos to end, He knows us better than we know ourselves. He comes with a sword to give us victory over our enemies. However, instead of fighting the good fight, we have compromised our faith. If you hear nothing else in this blog, know this: GOD WILL NOT TOLERATE COMPROMISE! We have lost our way when we accept things that do not align with God’s Word. You have lost the fight. God cannot give you victory if we have created a covenant with the enemy. God told the Israelites not to make a covenant with their enemies as they entered the Promised Land. God instructed His people to tear down the altars of the enemy, and He expects us to do the same today.  

If the church is to be relevant, we must invite the Holy Spirit to move through the congregation with fire and purpose. For churches to grow, we must rise up, be bold in our faith, and speak loudly against all things outside God’s will. God wants the voice of His people to ring through the streets of every town, city, and nation. It is God’s promise that when we unite as one people, the church will certainly be relevant.

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