Diane Epling

Get to Know Diane Epling

Diane Epling is founder of Destiny Ministries, which is a global organization that supports broken leaders in their journey to complete restoration with God. Their mission is to connect and empower God’s chosen ministers, creating unity within the body of Christ. Diane and her husband Tim host a stadium event called “I Am Encounter,” designed for individuals to have a heartfelt encounter with God and avail themselves of the miracles He is waiting to perform in their lives.

Destiny Ministries was formed after Diane’s training at Grace Fellowship International in Tennessee with Spirituotherapy Workshop, Life Exchange, led by Charles R. Solomon, Ed.D. and John B. Woodward, D. Min. Through Spirituotherapy and the more personal experiences of leaders like Ted and Gayle Haggard, Diane then created Diane Epling Ministries and authored books, to include “Time with God,” “The Dark Side of Christianity,” and her new book “The Voice of the Church.” In her writings, Diane continues to be inspired to identify and share God’s truths.

Epling so clearly interprets and presents God’s Word so that those who suffer bondage and judgment can follow God’s message and find freedom. The conversational style in which Diane presents her life experiences and her teachings and Bible studies are both heartwarming and encouraging. God’s plan for Diane and Tim’s ministry is to spread the message of His love and forgiveness so others can walk in His Spirit and find fulfillment. Diane would like you to know that there is a reason you have visited her website. It’s because God has amazing plans for you.

and Inspired by God

As founders of Destiny Ministries, a global organization that supports broken believers in their journey to complete restoration with God, Tim and Diane clearly present God’s Word to free those who suffer bondage and judgment. They have been called to connect and empower God’s people, helping to heal the wounded and enable them to share God’s message as a confident, powerful, and united voice.

Diane’s books, “Time With God,” “The Dark Side of Christianity,” and “The Voice of the Church,” along with Tim’s miraculous encounter with the Angel of the Lord, have inspired believers to SEARCH for God’s truths, TRUST in His message, and ACT on His instructions. If you would like to have them participate in your next event, contribute a special message for your next retreat, or share their testimonies with those in need at your church, please inquire below.